Monday, August 24, 2009


Finally I am caught up with all of the happenings in our lives. Of course there are several other things going on but who needs to know everything right? I am happy to be updated ...... at least for today.

Last one I promise

We had a family firemans party the other day. It was a blast. It was a very warm day and fireman and a hot day require the same thing to make it a better day. Water and lots of it. We got together and had a barBQ then had a few pools set up for the small kids. Then they used the fire pool and set it up as a pool for the bigger kids to swim in. After lunch they broke out the trucks and hoses. It was so much fun. Jake got to use the hose for a few minutes. They had the cannon going on top of the truck. I couldn't believe all the water. Everyone had such a blast and I can't wait to do it again.

Rhino trip up Camelsback

Jeff and his sister Adrienne took Jake and Zach a few weeks ago on an early morning trip up Camelsback. It is the mountain above Springville. They left around 5a.m. They stopped to get doughnuts and milk, their favorite breakfast, and headed up to see the sunrise. Jeff took his scope so the boys could look for familiar things while they were up there. They saw our house, Jake's school, and they called Jeff's mom and dad and had them come in the backyard and wave to them. They thought that was so cool. Here are a few pictures of their fun morning.

Returning home

After the trip was over the fun didn't stop. We continued our trips to Seven Peaks water park. The boys love going there and honestly it is nice to go somewhere and have fun with them. We also have a tradition to go the the outdoor movie every Monday night. They mostly show kids movies in the park. We all go and the kids play in the adjacent field while all the adults sit and watch the movie the kids are supposed to watch. We have fun and it has been such nice weather that we have loved it all. The twins have been getting more silly. They make me laugh everyday. Jake and Zach do a pretty good job of keeping things interesting too. My life is crazy. Here is a good example of the twins and there silliness. Those are their blankets wrapped around their heads.

We also made a trip to the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. We had never been there before and my girlfriends all wanted to go and take the kids so we headed out one morning. There was lots of things to see and the boys loved looking at all the dinosaur stuff. They had a digging place and they were a mess but they really enjoyed themselves.

We made it to the cabin a few weeks ago. It was our first time this summer being able to go. We had fairly good weather. It was really cool and we had a few rain storms but of course we had fun anyway. The kids played outside at little rock and found a dead squirrel. Zach thought maybe it was just sleeping but when Jake noticed all the flies he figured that maybe it was dead. Age, Jeff's sister, got brave and took a shovel and removed the carcus. Nasty. We took tons of rides on the Rhino and saw lots of deer. The kids love that part about the cabin. The picture is of Alex and Ryan leaving for a ride. They just walked around with their helmets on. They were so cute. They couldn't wait for their turn on the Rhino.
I took this video of Ryan pretending to talk on the cell phone. He got a hold of one of Age's little bags and walked around talking on the phone. I don't know why I recorded sideways. You think I would remember by now not to do that but I guess not. It was so cute though I decided to post it anyway. He was saying something but who knows what. Don't get a kink in your neck.
Jake also started school. We took our annual picture in front of the door and I can hardly believe how tall he has gotten. He has just grown up like crazy. He is in 2nd grade now. He loves his teacher and from what I hear she is one of the best. We will meet her at back to school night tomorrow night. Zach started Kindergarten on Wednesday. We had his assessment and his teacher says he is so smart. She said he had great number sense. Yay!!! I would like to give the credit to my genes but I think it is because he is always trying to mooch money and keep track of how much he has and how much he can spend. I will post a picture of his first day on Thursday (hopefully).We also had a great big fire up the canyon last week. Jeff went up and worked on it for a few hours but then Forest Service took over. I couldn't believe how much smoke there was. The airplanes and helicopters got on the scene fast so it wasn't too out of control. This is a view from our backyard. Crazy stuff.

A few more from Indiana

We went to the Lawrence County 4H fair while we were home too. The kids and Jeff of course always love it because they get good carni food and there is always tons of games to play and rides to get on. Dustin and Kristi, Hein and Stephanie and kids, Alida and Aaron, and Jenna all came with us and we walked the circle. Here is a picture of Jake and Zach on the boat ride and the next is a video of Ryan and me on the giant slide. Normally I would never post anything with me in it ( I look pretty raggedy) but Ryan was so cute on the slide I had to include it.

I also got some great pictures of my grandparents with the twins. The boys just love meemo and grandpa. Grandpa because he gives them lots of chocolate and meemo because she just loves on them and is so sweet. I loved the pictures. They are treasured. Grandpa is usually pretty sensitive about not having his teeth in but I think he is pretty secure in his manlihood that he wouldn't totally kill me for putting this picture of him in the post.

Alida's baby shower

We had a baby shower for my little sister while I was home. I was so excited to be able to be there for it. We had a lot of fun and played some great. We had great food and she got some wonderful and amazing gifts. One of the games we played was Diaper Surprise!! Candy bars were melted in the diaper and people had to figure out what it was. The best part of the game was watching everyone peek and sniff in the diaper. Also we played pin the baby on the belly and I had to post the picture of the poster we made for the game. My sister in law, Bethany and I got to laughing when we made the poster. We just knew Alida would appreciate it. Of course you can see from the picture that it wasn't very accurate to real life but it sure was funny. The people in the diaper pictures are my cousin Kristi. My mothers cousin, Mary Joe. Then the next is my sister Ilana, next my mother, and last my cute grandmother.

Life never ends.....I am enjoying the ride though

So many things have been going on since we returned from Indiana in late July. There were a few other fun things we did in Indiana that I never blogged about and tons of things since. I hope this post doesn't get too long and boring but I didn't want to leave out any of the fun, so here it goes. While in Indiana we made a trip to the Childrens Museum in Indianapolis. The kids love it there because there are so many interactive things to do. They really had a great time. These pictures are of one of the play areas. We could hardly get them out of there. The other pictures are from some of the exhibits. They really had a great time.