Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Great Brain

Jake has a program at his school they call The Great Brain. The kids research a topic they are interested in and become an "expert". Then they do a presentation to their class on the subject. Jake's great brain this year was on Fire trucks. He got so excited when he decided on the subject. He asked Jeff if he would bring a truck to school and of course Jeff said yes. We studied his topic. We looked up things on the internet. We looked at a fire truck book and then Jeff took him down to the station one night and talked to him about all the trucks. He had so much fun, at least I think he did. Today was his presentation. He did such a good job. I am so proud of him. He was the first kid in his class to present and the teacher said she was glad it was Jake because he would set a good example for the other kids. He could show them how to do it the right way. The video isn't too long so I decided to post the presentation. After he got done, the kids asked questions and then the class came out and looked at the fire truck with Jeff. The kids thought that was so cool. They got to look inside and that was fun for them. After it was over his teacher took a picture of Jake. He got a button with his picture on it and a certificate.After we got home I noticed Ryan walking around the house wearing my shoes. I thought it was so funny so I took a picture. I can't believe he was able to walk with such big shoes on his feet. I loved it. He thought it was so funny. Of course I had to include a picture of Alex too. He is getting so talkative. Still not making any sense but talking like crazy. Hopefully anytime now he will start talking actual words. All he says now is Mamma, more than I would like, and sometimes Dada, Jeff would like this said a bit more.