Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nothing Profound

I wish I had something profound to write like my friend Mr. Laurel Christensen (she will understand the Mr. part). She always writes the most interesting and amazing things. But I am really just not too profound of a person. My life is pretty simple and I hate to admit it but so are most of my thoughts. So because my life is my children then I will write yet another update on my wonderful boys. I will start with Jeff. I wish I had a great picture to post of him but he will not allow it. He has been in a biggest loser contest and it ends this Friday. He has done very well and we are hoping he wins the title on the individual competition. He is at about 55 lbs of weight lose and still doing amazing. Eventually I am sure he will allow me to do a big reveal but just not yet. I am so proud of him. Jake and Zach are still crazy. Here are a couple of pictures of them waiting to ride the Trax Train in Salt Lake, after the last gymnastics meet. They had a blast with Aunt Age. They continue to get cuter every day and coming up with the craziest things to do and say. They are both looking forward to summer and seeing cousins in Indiana. Here is a great video of Zach doing his "thang". Both boys are such entertainers.

Alex and Ryan are still growing and trying to keep healthy. Alex has been sick the last few days and has just been miserable. We are hoping he gets over it quickly and that also Ryan keeps from getting it. Ryan is starting to get up on his hands and knees. He really wants to crawl but just hasn't gotten it figured out yet. Alex can commando crawl like no other. He has a few more pounds to move around but doing good with it. Here are a few current pictures of them.