Monday, November 24, 2008

Bowling with the BCS version 2 (12-0 Baby)

Well after an exciting Saturday night we are now the 12-0 Utah Utes!!!! Yea Baby!!! We had so much fun at the game. We were so excited about the win and we are looking forward to what BCS bowl game we get invited to. We are all hoping for the Fiesta Bowl so we all can go and visit family in Phoenix. If they get invited to the Sugar or Orange bowl then Jeff will be traveling with his sister. It is a bit much for all of us to fly so we will be cheering from home if that happens. Lets hope the Tostitos people love us. We went down for the Fiest Bowl in 2004 and had a blast. We would love to do it all over again. Below are some great pictures from the game. We definitely met some interesting people.

My favorite picture is this first one. They met this crazy guy dressed up like Jesus carrying this sign. How random and crazy to do this for a football game. He was the life of the party though.
This second picture is after the game with 2 of the starting offensive line guys. #72 Caleb Schlauderaff and #65 Dustin Hensel. Jake got to wear one of the guys helmets. They were so nice.

These next two pictures are right after the win and the crowd rushed the field. It was crazy.
This last one is actually during the game. We were ahead so you can see how happy we were.
At least Age and I look happy. The boys were trying to act cool for the picture.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Utah beats TCU 10-0 Baby

Well we enjoyed a very cold and wet football game the other night. Utah played TCU. It was going to be the last big game before facing BYU in 2 weeks. It was a nerve racking game. We were behind the entire game. After 2 missed field goal attempts by TCU the score was still 10-6 for TCU with a little over 2 minutes left in the game. Our offense came back on the field and managed to pull it together to drive down the field and get a touchdown with 45 seconds left in the game. It was now 13-10. We held them off and time ended with a Utah interception to end the game. It went crazy in the stadium and we are now 2 games away from getting a BCS bowl game. Jeff took the two older boys on the field after the game. They got some pictures with a few of the players. The first picture is with Sean Smith a starting cornerback and the second is with Matt Asiata, the starting runningback. The boys loved it. We would love to spend the new year in Arizona. Fiesta Bowl would be great. We had such a fun time last time we went. Case family get ready for a party. Hopefully we will be seeing you all soon.

New family pictures and Halloween

We had family pictures done about a month in a half ago at JCPenneys. It went really well. We didn't end up getting any pictures of all the boys together. Ryan quit on us and we had to be done. The pictures ended up so cute. We were so proud of the boys. Also Halloween was great. The babies did a great job and really enjoyed it this year. They carried their own buckets and walked with me at the trunk or treat for our ward. All four boys were so cute and they really raked in the candy. They (meaning Jeff) will be eating off of it for weeks. Jake was Darth Vader, Zach was Spiderman, Ryan was Eeyore, and Alex was Dumbo. This is a picture of all the boys at Ed and Beth's house. They are always our last stop on the Halloween route.