Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh the places you'll go

We had Zach's preschool graduation last night and he did such a great job. We are sad to see the Preschool teacher decide it was her last year. Jake had her for 2 years in preschool and Zach has been in her class for 1 year. She is great and we will miss her. She always does a great job. For their program they sang some songs and each kid had a small part to recite. Zach worked on his and had his memorized. He said "we learned about the days of the week and the alphabet." He ususally is pretty shy, as you can see he ate his shirt most of the time, but we were glad to see him having fun. We were so proud. Here are some clips of the big show. There were some other cute kids in Zach's class as you can see. It was a cute show. We hope he has as much fun next year at the new preschool as he did this year.

I also wanted to post a few more pictures from my sisters wedding reception. These are pictures I took with my phone. My cute grandpa and grandma are so adorable so I really wanted them to have a moment to shine. They are great and we are so happy they were able to come. We love them. This is also a picture of the fun we had decorating Alida's car. We used Oreo cookies and it was a blast. It took them until the next morning to find a place to wash it all off. Too bad it rained all night and made absolute mush all over the place. Good on the windshield wipers.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Time just rushes by!

I can hardly believe it has been over a month since my last post. Is is laziness, forgetfulness, or just plan busyness? I don't know if busyness is the correct spelling but who really cares right? I did have a request from my cute cousin Jo to get posting so I am listening to her advice, and getting a new post done. A lot has happened since my last post so I hope I don't make things too jumbled or boring and long. My husband has also been hasseling my to get this done so hopefully I will make him pround. Maybe he will let me spend a bit more of that wonderful stimulus tax rebate money we just got, ain't life grand. I never thought kids would pay off but I guess in the long run $300 dollars a kid really doesn't go too far. But who is really in it for the money? My kids are definitely worth a million times that to me. Well lets start with my wonderful little sister who got married on April 18th. Thanks Katelynn for sharing your birthday. My sister Alida has waited for the best and next to Jeff, and a few other great guys I know, Aaron is right up there. I am so happy for her. She had her wedding over my spring break so I could be there and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I just wish my cute family could have been there with me.

My sister will kill me for posting the picture on the bench but I would have to say it is one of my favorites. It sure does look like Aaron is in pain but I promise he just doesn't do well without his sunglasses. Don't they look so happy. We actually woke up the morning of the wedding to an earthquake. What a way to start a new life together. You could take it as a sign, but good thing the happy couple isn't superstitious at all. Now I know I spelled that word wrong. The reception was a blast. I really wish my family could have been there with me. That is the only way it could have been better. Attached is a video of the craziness and some pictures of our fun night. I did have a ton of fun videos I took on my phone to send to Jeff but I haven't figured out how to send them to my email yet. If I ever figure it out I will put them on. Logan, you better hope I never figure it out. People will see the real crazy Logan and all the dancing you did.

I really think everyone had an absolute blast. I was so happy to be there and share in her wonderful day. We will be going back out to Indiana over the fourth of July so it will be good to see everyone again. My kids are anxious to see "THE COUSINS".

Now on to my wonderful family. I am still trying to get Jeff to show off his new body, but it hasn't worked yet. I think I am just going to have to sneek up on him. I will keep you posted on the progress. We had the boys birthdays back in March. I can't remember if I talked about those yet or not in another post. Jake had his party at Jumpin Jacks. It was his first friend party. We had so much fun. He has decided there will be no cheerleading this year. It is kind of sad for me because I know he loves that stuff but he is trying so hard to be all boy now. Oh well, I guess it is a good thing. We are going to the Zoo with his kindergarten class next week and he can't wait. I will post pictures of the experience next week. Or whenever I get the next chance.

On to Zach. We had Zach's party at home. Not old enough for the friend party yet. We had the family and I think it was just as good. Definitely cheaper. Zach is looking forward to his preschool graduation in a couple of weeks. Wow he is getting so big. He loves to play with his little brothers. And sleep. I realized after I attached the picture, I forgot to rotate the picture before putting it on. I hope none of you get a sore neck from looking at the sideways picture.

Now on to the "BROTHERS" as Jeff calls them. Alex has 4 teeth. And they are as cute as ever. He still laughs all the time and is really trying to get his big body to crawl correctly. I don't think his little arms can support him, but he is trying. Ryan is starting to crawl correctly and even pull himself up next to the couch. However no teeth yet. Each baby has his own achievements. All of which we are proud of. They are everywhere now and so we keep most doors shut and gates up. They are still adorable and getting bigger and stronger every day.