Monday, September 8, 2008

Utes Season Begins

Well the season is officially begun and we are having fun already. We began with Fanfest and the kids loved it. They got to get signatures and pictures of Utah teams. They also got to go on the field and do tons of fun activites. It was so hot that day but we had tons of fun.

After Fanfest we went and spent the night at the cabin in Strawberry. Jeff needed to mess with the television a bit so we met Ed and Beth up there and got all of that taken care of. We had a lot of fun while we were up there. The babies turned into little birds. Whenever Ed would have a plate of watermelon, the babies would turn up and eat most of his plate. They had watermelon radar. Also we had a cake for Beth's 80th birthday. I think the most fun part for the boys was setting up the chipmunk trap and using leftover pancakes to catch em a chipmunk. That thing went nuts in the trap and Jake was nervous about setting it loose. He thought for sure it was going to come and get him.

And then Jeff, Adrienne, and Jake got to go to the Michigan/Utah game at the BIG HOUSE in Ann Arbor Michigan. They had so much fun. The stadium was huge and there was gold and blue everywhere. There was a small strip of red at the top of the stadium. There was a tailgate party before the game and they got a chance to cheer and get all pumped up for the game. Like that would really be hard. Utah won and the weekend couldn't have been any better. Then they got to spend a day with my family in Indiana. Jake loved seeing his cousins and I think a bit too much information was shared during the visit. From what I understand since I wasn't there they felt more free to talk about me and also some pretty interesting topics from what I hear. The interesting topics weren't about me but lets just say my nephew Michael figured out a few things that he wished he never knew. It was a good visit and a great game.