Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sugar Bowl Go Utes! 13-0 Undefeated

Well, while the boys and I stayed behind to celebrate New Years Eve without Dad, Jeff was off to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl. It would have been fun for all of us to go but it would have been a bit too expensive so we sent Jeff off with his sister Adrienne and a friend Michelle to party it up. Like I said they flew out on a Charter plane on New Years Eve. It was nice going this way because they didn't have to worry about connections or luggage getting lost. They spent New Years Eve at a Crimson Club party and then some time on Bourbon Street. Jeff said that by 11:30 things were getting a bit schetchy so they ended up back in the hotel room to ring in the new year. I didn't ask for details, I figured it was best for me not to know them. There was another crimson club party on the 1st and then a tailgate party before the big game. Between the parties and all the places Jeff's dad told them to go eat, I think Jeff was ready to die from overeating. They ate some interesting things and just had a blast taking in the sites of New Orleans. They took a tour the day before the game. It took them to some sites. Old cemetaries, buildings and some places where Katrina hit hard. Jeff said it was so sad to see how devestating it was and what a mess things still are down there. Then of course there was the game. They had great seats. They were 1st row right behind the goal post. They were so excited about that. To show how nervous Jeff was he didn't eat or drink anything at the game and for Jeff that is big. He is always up for a diet soda and a pretzel. But of course after an amazing and hard hitting game, Utah prevailed and beat the Crimson Tide of Alabama 31-17. No one predicted them to win let alone dominate the game. They were never behind and Jeff loved every minute of it. They flew back early the next day and we spent most of the rest of that day rewatching the game. Here are some pictures of his fun experiences.

This first picture is outside the dome before the game. The next is Jeff with Bubbles. She is a superfan who dances with the band at the end of the 3rd quarter of every Utah game.
This picture is of Jeff with this crazy guy that was at all the parties. As you can see he used the Mr. Incredibles suit and made Mr. Utah. The next is of Jeff on Bourbon street. I made sure and picked on with nothing bad in the background.
This is Jeff outside the bus they used to transport back and forth from things going on.

Jeff got this taco hat for the boys at the Taco Bell stand just outside the game. The next picture is Jeff getting his shoes shined. There was this guy on the street who would trick you into coming over to him and then once you got there he would spray this crap all over your shoes and then tell you he would shine them for you. Of course you have to say yes or you spend the day with this junk on your shoes. The best part is Jeff had sketchers on which of course are not shoes that you shine but oh well, such is life.
This is at one of the pregame parties. From Left to right Adrienne(Jeff's sister), Kyle Whittingham (Utah's head coach), Jeff, Michelle(friend of the family)

This picture is after Utah won. And the last one is a view from Jeff's seat at the game. This was during warm ups before the game.

Christmas 2008

I know I am a bit behind but I needed to get an update going. Christmas was so much fun. The boys loved their gifts from everyone. Jake's favorite was his Nintendo DS and several games. Zach got his own version of a DS for his age, with several games. The babies got a few things but ended up loving the pringles and M&M's the most. Go figure. We had a great holiday. Christmas Eve started at our home with Santa coming on the fire truck. Jake and Zach loved it but Alex and Ryan were not too happy. They didn't really like the idea of him being in our house. The rest of the evening we went over at Jeff's parents and then Christmas morning at our own home. The break from school was nice and we had tons of snow so Jeff took the older boys tubing on the Saturday after Christmas. They have a nice tube run up Hobble Creek canyon. They really had a great time. Here are some pictures of the craziness of Christmas.