Thursday, March 19, 2009

Babies are getting bigger

The babies have been getting so big. We cut their hair and that made them look older. Just the other day they were concerned that Jake was laying on the floor. It was cute to watch them. They kept looking at Jake to figure out what he was doing. Then when they figured out he was just playing they both jumped on him. It was cute.

Last March birthday

We celebrated Jake's birthday last week. He got a bit sick the day before his birthday which made me a bit nervous but he ended up being alright. He had a little friend party on Saturday. They had pizza, played some games and did a treasure hunt. They had a lot of fun. I made him a giant cupcake for his party and the kids loved it.

Then we had the family party on Sunday. He loves having his cousins over. We had a Utah cake for him for that party. Jeff's dad decorated it for us and did a great job. Jeff bought some trick candles for the cake but they didn't turn out so well. We lit them three times to try and get them to restart after blowing them out, but it never worked. Oh well, such is life. I think he had a great birthday. It is crazy to think he is 7. He is getting so tall. It makes me feel old.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Birthdays

Well we have now had 2 of the 3 March birthdays in our family. Jeff's was on the 1st and Zach's was yesterday on the 3rd. I think Jeff had a pretty good birthday. We went out as a family for dinner to McGraths fish house. It was perfect for the boys because they sold boiled and peel shrimp by the pound. Jake and Zach were in heaven. It seems crazy that for such picky eaters they would love that. Well anyway, they brought out this crazy fish hat and made Jeff wear it while we sang. The boys loved it.

Along with Jeff's birthday, he has been asking for an iPod touch for weeks as his birthday present. Well of course I had to make him understand that spending $300.00 for a game that he really would never have time to enjoy was just crazy. He continued to work on me and I continued to tell him no way. Well when it came right down too it, I couldn't say no so I gave in but in my own way. It was quite a surprise for him when he didn't get his iPod touch but I gave him the next best thing.

I think he loved the cake as much as he would have loved the real thing. This was my first experience with cake fondant. Age and I made it and we had so much fun. We kept laughing just at the thought of his reaction at getting this instead of the real thing. Oh well such is life. Someone in this family has to be realistic. I have always done good at that.

Zach had his birthday yesterday and it was so sad. About 1:00 in the afternoon he started complaining that his stomach hurt and he wasn't feeling well. He does this sometimes when he doesn't want to be bothered. Well I ignored it and by 4:00 he was throwing up and had a fever. I couldn't believe it. What a way to spend your birthday. We had a party planned with family and I thought about cancelling it but I figured he could make it. Well, needless to say, it was the fastest party we ever had. He opened his presents, not interested at all in what they were. By the end Jake was opening the presents because Zach didn't want to anymore. After singing to him, he went and laid on the couch with his throw up bowl and stayed there the rest of the time. All of the rest of us enjoyed the cake and ice cream. I saved Zach a piece. Hopefully he will feel better before it dries out. Today he was supposed to celebrate his birthday at Pre-school but he was too sick to go. Jeff took him over so he could at least drop his cupcakes off but he wouldn't even go in so Jeff had to take them in for him. Hopefully he will feel better enough to go Friday. The teacher said they would celebrate it then. We are all crossing our fingers it doesn't go on like Alex's did.

Alex's new treatments

Well we have had an interesting month. Alex has been sick and we just couldn't seem to get him better. He had a fever, no activity and for a 20 month old that is crazy. He threw up all the time and then just recently starting having trouble with his breathing. After 3 trips to the doctor we finally started him on breathing treatment. At first they didn't seem to help much but then after a few days of three times a day treatments, he started improving. I must say he did really well for having this mask strapped to his face. I was very impressed. He did much better at that then taking his medicine. That was a nightmare. He is now pretty much better, but we are the proud owners of a home nebulizer for future cases. How exciting is that.