Monday, September 13, 2010

Utah beats UNLV

We had a great weekend. We went up to Salt Lake on Friday night and went out to eat with Jeff's sister Adrienne and her friend Michelle. We ate at the yummy Cheesecake factory and spent way too much money but it was so good. Then we stayed at the U of U Marriott hotel because the game was on Saturday afternoon. Well I wish we had our camera because it is the hotel where the team stays the night before games and when we got up for breakfast it was like Christmas morning. The kids were going crazy seeing all the players everywhere. They had eaten and they had team meetings just outside of where we ate. The boys kept staring and pointing. We had a little manners lesson on pointing but they sure did have fun. Then we went to the local farmers market in Salt Lake. It is a great market. Tons of good food, samples and fun.

Ryan showing his U. And the boys being very patriotic. So cute.

Such love between brothers.

Ryan just woke up from napping under the seats and Alex slept most of the first half of the game. Amazing they can sleep with so much noise.

The gangs all here. We have so much fun all together.

Then we made our way to the game. We had so much fun. Wonderful weather. We anxiously sat for the shade to hit us and it was like heaven once it got to you. Adrienne got some good pictures at the game. She is my expert photographer. It made it an even better that we won. Go Utes.


Aubrey said...

Such cute pictures. Your boys are so fun!